Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct – Athletes

Lasswade AC fully endorse the Governing Body’s Code of Conduct a copy of which is attached through the link above. Breaches will be robustly investigated and acted upon.



Could you spare two hours on a Wednesday night every couple of months? Can you see a value in the work of the Club? Do you think things could be organised better? If your answer to any or all of these questions is Yes… Your Club needs you.

No need to wait for the AGM in March Just get in touch by any means you want to. Call Dave Hand 663 0434 or email (John Gillespie is Club Secretary, amongst many other things.)

Or just speak to one of the coaches at training.

We know that there are lots of talented people already connected to the club and we would love to be able to harness some of that ability!!

You dont need to know anything about athletics to raise funds, apply for grants, adminster systems, create and introduce better systems, market the Club, enhance our communication skills, change the website, lobby for better facilities, attract coaches and helpers etc etc


Here is a link to the UKA Volunteer in Athletics page if your not sure where to get involved?

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