Scottish Schools Secondary Track and Field Championships

The closing date for entries to this years Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships is this Friday, 10th May.

Anyone interested in competing should speak to their school PE department as soon as possible. Schools do not enter pupils automatically for these events, so you do have to ask to be entered. Some schools have already been in touch with the club and are really keen to hear from anyone who is interested.
The Track and Field Championships will take place at Grangemouth Stadium on the 7th and 8th June. Age Groups for this event are as follows:
Group A (Over 17) Born on or before 31/8/02
Group B (Under 17) Born between 1/9/02 and 31/8/04
Group C (Under 15) Born between 1/9/04 and 31/8/05
Group D (Under 14) Born on or after 1/9/05
Further information on SSAA events, including this one, can be found on the SSAA website: SSAA website link
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