Standing Order Mandates

Changes to Training Fee Collection

At this years AGM it was agreed that future collection of training fees, for all members, should be done through Standing Order, rather than collection of fees on the night. We are looking to have this up and running from the start of October. As such, we are looking for all training members to complete the forms and return them by the end of this month.

There are two forms to complete. One should be returned to the club with the other being returned to the Bank / Building Society. It should also be possible to set up your standing order via online banking if you have this facility.

Please set the first payment date as October 1st 2019.

Forms will be available, and handed out, at training all throughout the month. You can also access a copy of the forms through the following link:  Standing Order Mandate

Hopefully the forms are self explanatory, however if you have any questions please get in touch.

If you are completing the forms for more than one athlete, from the same family, just use one name for the reference and remember to include the discount for additional family members. So for example:

3 athletes training twice weekly would amount to:

1st athlete: £16.00 /  2nd athlete: £12.00 /  3rd athlete: £12.00 = total monthly: £40.00    Payment Reference: 1st athletes name

We will continue to collect fees at the gate for the remainder of the month.
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